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Big Head Basketball

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  • Big Head Basketball, which can be best described as an exciting basket game wherein you can select a team and start competing in tournaments.
  • The main goal of the game is to earn a victory in different championships and gain gaming money. If you are someone who loves basketball at an advanced level or a beginner level, then you would enjoy playing this game.


  • If you have a passion for sports and just love playing one or the other game, then do not let it go and make most of it. If you are a basketball lover and wish to enhance your skills while not engaging in the game physically but love to play online, then this game is worth trying.
  • If you love big head basketball, then you can have all the fun in your school or any other place too.
  • There are plenty of opponents in the game to deal with in the net ring. As the set comprises of dribbling and involvement of hands, this is all that you need in the game. 
  • You can move the player in the game from one spot to another while you are passing the ball towards your teammates. Here you will come across NBA players, which will give you a feeling of playing with them.

How to Play 

Once you select the player, you need to be in the center of the court and start the tricks utilized in this sport. You should deal with your opposition and make sure you hit the ball before they do. When this happens, you score, or in case your opponent scores, you shift towards the back of the court. Make sure you do not miss a single shot, as this can result in losing the match.


  • Arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Mouse to perform a shot